Monday, July 12, 2010

Korean Food Adventures, Part 3

On days ending with a two and a seven, the Sagang Market just next to our motel hosts a farmer’s market. All kinds of rice, vegetables, and fish are for sale, as well as clothes, shoes, and garden or kitchen tools. I’m always amazed by the variety of fish available!

The fish comes dried, fresh, or on sticks. The red things are dates; we’ve had them in a beef soup (galbi tang) and the flavours actually went really well together.

Some of our food adventures have to do with the unusual product names for certain things around here. Our favourite commercials are for DK, which looks like Mountain Dew, and Pocari Sweat, which is an ‘ion supply drink’. Robin and I decided to give it a go, despite its rather unappealing name.

“I like sweat”? Well, bottoms up!

Pocari Sweat was sweet, but had a distressingly black pepper-flavoured aftertaste. We were not huge fans. But I guess at least it didn’t taste like sweat...

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  1. Days ending in two and seven? Are they on a metric calender?