Sunday, April 18, 2010

Drumheller in the wintertime.

Drumheller, the town where the Tyrrell Museum is located, is a great town full of concrete dinosaurs and badlands scenery. Most tourists likely see it only in the summer, but I find myself there more often in the winter. It's often very cold, but the snow in the badlands is quite nice, so here are a few photos from various winter trips to Drumheller.

The Hoodoos are a favourite photo spot for good reason, and I think the low winter sun makes for a very nice sky in this shot. These photos are from February 2009.

It was a fairly brisk day, but Scott bravely scouts out the best view of the hoodoos.

And here's Derek for scale with the hoodoos, just as our light gives out at about 5:15 pm.

Fast forward to my most recent visit in February 2010. The giant dinosaur is decked out in Vancouver Olympics mittens - the torch had done a relay stop in Drumheller. Very snazzy!

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