Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hwaseong prep work, day 3

Here’s an example of one of the dinosaur nests found nearby. I like how they show the matrix surrounding the nest.

This charming pooch lives at the dinosaur centre – everyone seems to have a different name for her, like “Dino-Girl” or “Yellow Fur”.

At the end of day 2, a lot of progress had been made on the tail club, and lots of matrix had been removed.

Here’s how it was looking at the end of day 3. It actually looks like a tail club now (well, half of a tail club, at least). The surface texture makes for fiddly prep work. This probably needs another morning and then it should be all done.


  1. The progress over the three days is amazing. Will be interested to see it fully emerged. Love the dog (but you knew i would!)

  2. The dog is very good. She's very timid, but we are slowly making friends.