Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Korean food adventures, part 2

Dinners continue to be an interesting experience each night involving much gesturing and confusion and references to my slightly inadequate phrasebook. The dinner above was a beef and mushroom soup served with purple rice, kimchee, pickles, sesame battered beans, and some sort of turnip-like root vegetable. Very tasty! And also inexpensive – the total cost for this meal was $14 for the two of us.

Besides the anglerfish adventure, my favourite style of meal is galbi (this is pork, or tawe-jee galbi). The raw meat is brought to your table and grilled in front of you. When it’s a little bit cooked, the server holds it up with tongs and cuts it with scissors into bite size pieces. You then take a lettuce leaf (or any other various leaves, including sesame leaves which are my favourite so far) and load it up with sauce, shredded greens, pork, kimchee, or whatever else from the side dishes you feel like eating. Then you fold up the lettuce and attempt to fit the whole heaping pile in your mouth at once.

My favourite of the side dishes so far are the tiny fishes and squids! They are very salty and fishy tasting in the best of ways.

KIMCHEE! I think this is a very fun and sociable way to eat, and I’m actually surprised I haven’t come across any Korean-style restaurants that serve food this way in Canada.

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  1. Quite the eating adventure. I didn't know there were "sesame leaves", just sesame seeds on hamburger buns! Learn something new everyday! It seems like there is no end to the variety of different foods to experience in Korea.